Gogo Star Earrings

$10.00 USD - $14.00 USD

Want to show off your Gogo love in a subtle, fashionable way? Consider grabbing a set of Gogo Star earrings! Available as stud earrings or as dangling earrings, all designs are available in the same 4 colors as the original mini pins. Please be aware that the dangling earrings are hand-assembled and may have small flaws along the findings.

The beaded hoop earrings are all hand-beaded.

Stars: 15mm tall, Brass, Enamel, Recessed Metal details. Note that this is normal enamel, not translucent enamel like in the mini pins. Also, the star pendants are double-sided!
Dangling Materials: 18k pinheads, Nickel-free & Lead-free gold-plated earring hooks, Brass Gold-plated Hoops, Glass/Acrylic Beads, Agate beads