Holiday Mystery Bags

$15.00 USD - $45.00 USD

NOTE! Pins in these mystery bags are MIXED-GRADE. The majority of pins are flawed in some way and will include C- and D-grade pins. There may be pins missing a pin post or have face flaws! Please purchase at your own risk! I do not accept returns on these if you do not find the pin you want in your bag. Thank you!

There is no purchase limit.

There are big bags ($45) and small bags ($15.) The pictures show what pins are possible to find in each type of bag. There will be no dupes within a bag, but if you buy more than one there is a chance for a duplicate. Below is more detail about what to expect from each baggie

Big DC Bag: Can include either 1 Big 5" PoP or 5-7 RaD Pins (including Mini Birds). Bags with C- or D- grade PoPs may also include 2+ RaD Pins. All RaD Pins are C-grade. May also have bonus mis-aligned heart buttons.

Big GoGo Bag: 4-5 Gogo Pins. Any Jotakak or Josuhan Pops are C- or D-grade only.

Big HQ Bag: 3-5 HQ Pins. All Spinner Chibis are C-grade. Errored Iwaoi Trains will also be included in the mix (these pins are ungraded.)

Big OP Bag: 2-4 OP Pins. Errored Gold LawLus are included in the mix (these pins are ungraded.)

Big Hero Bag: 5-7 MHA Pins. Majority will be C-grade (cats, heart quartet panels, most recent busts.)

Big Misc Bag: 3-5 Misc Pins from various anime. Hisoillu pins are all C- or D-grade.

Small Flower Bag: 4-7 flower-themed filler pins, all B- or C-grade.

Small Mini Birds Bag: 1 full set of flawed mini birds + 1 bonus bird. These are all B- or C-grade.

Small Gogo Stars Bag: Each bag includes 1 pair of dangling Gogo Earrings, 1 pair of Gogo studs, and 3 B-grade Gogo Star Mini pins.

Small Hero Cats Bag: 5 C-grade Cats from the Hero Cat series. Includes both the Rooftop Trio Fam Cats and the LOV Cats.